Tuesday, December 07
Doors: 6pm
$20 to $35

Through the progressive, instrumental rock project, Intervals, Aaron Marshall has long been
considered an innovator. He’s built a career on trusting his instincts, even when that intuition has led
him down a road that is decidedly less traveled. That may mean tearing down genre norms, finding
creative ways to interact with fans, or a commitment to self-releasing music even when label
opportunities are readily available to him. Marshall has bet on himself continuously, and backed that
gamble up with hard work, unparalleled creativity, and an uncompromising desire to make each
Intervals release a pivotal moment in the lineage of instrumental rock. On Intervals’ latest record,
Circadian, Marshall continues to push the limit at every turn, resulting in arguably the most dynamic
record in the band’s highly-revered catalog.

In the past, Marshall has always written the music for a record first and relied on the composition to
tell him what the story should be. On Circadian, for the first time, he had an abstract map of the
record’s story prior to the music and was able to develop both aspects simultaneously. This new
approach to the storytelling process is a perfect example of Marshall’s artistic maturation that unfolds
over the past three Intervals records. On The Shape of Colour (2015), the subject matter was more
broad stroke and interpretive, taking a step in a more honest and natural direction with the attitude of
the music. For the 2017 release of The Way Forward, Marshall looked beyond personal experience
as he tackled the oldest staple in storytelling, the hero’s journey, while reflecting on iconic pop
culture in film, music, and literature to tell a story about where he comes from and where he’s
headed. WIth Circadian, Marshall takes a brave step into the abstract, building a story around the
innate human connection to the sun, and how that rhythmic cycle plays a crucial roll in our day to
day lives . As a society, we’ve created an existence largely disconnected from the natural rhythm of
life. This record serves as a reminder that seeking ideal circadian flow is integral to cutting through
the static noise of modern life to find true peace. Marshall took something intimate (his own pursuit
of balance) and conveyed it in a widely relatable message – something that is often considered the
mark of a true storyteller.

Circadian was co-produced by Marshall and fellow Torontonian, Sam Guaiana (Silverstein,
Obey The Brave, Like Pacific) – marking the first time the esteemed producer had ever worked on an
instrumental record. It was also the first time that most of the work on an Intervals record was done
locally in Toronto. As a result, Marshall had the opportunity to be more involved in the production and
mixing process than ever before. Circadian is meant to be viewed as a singular piece, with
obsessive attention paid to the flow of the record. It’s full of motifs, cadences, and themes that are
revisited throughout the record and even recalled from previous releases. Circadian intentionally
clocks in at 8 songs and roughly 40 minutes, as Marshall gave considerable thought to where the
sweet spot between listener satisfaction and desire to immediately play it back was. Every minute
detail surrounding the record has purpose, and builds towards an all encompassing experience.
Ultimately, Circadian is a commentary piece on a fractured world and a call to reconnect with the
natural state in order to begin the healing process.

Intervals is a Canadian progressive metal band. Formed in Toronto, Ontario, the band has toured throughout Canada and the United States with bands such as Animals as Leaders, Protest The Hero, Between The Buried and Me and The Contortionist. Intervals released two EPs, The Space Between (2011) and In Time (2012), and their debut full-length album A Voice Within on March 4, 2014, featuring vocals by Mike Semesky. After the exit of every band member except for guitarist Aaron Marshall, follow-up albums The Shape of Colour (2015) and The Way Forward (2017) were released. Intervals was formed in Toronto, Ontario in 2011 as a creative outlet for guitarist Aaron Marshall after quitting his previous band, "Speak of the Devil".
Eidola is a five piece experimental post-hardcore band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Over the last four years, Eidola have managed to release three highly praised full-length concept albums, tour the country with industry behemoths like Dance Gavin Dance, and partner with Blue Swan Records and Artery Global to bring their passionate, progressive sound to the masses. Their new album To Speak, To Listen has received critical acclaim for it's ambitious sonic scope, complex songwriting, and existential lyrics. Thank you for taking the time to look and listen. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About "To Speak, To Listen": “To Speak, To Listen is a monumental achievement in both of the genres Eidola occupies, and it’s unlikely that we’ll see a better release in either for quite some time. Until Eidola puts out their fourth album, anyway.” - Heavy Blog Is Heavy “‘To Speak, To Listen’ hooks you in with its accessible ‘single ready’ material at the outset and holds your attention with the deeply layered, intelligently arranged soundscapes that follow thereafter. Eidola’s ability to write such frantic, yet accessible tracks that sit coherently against progressive, building compositions, underlines their prowess as songwriters.” - Punktastic About "Degeneraterra": "Eidola churns through 13 songs that run from place to place, taking the listener through a sonic adventure full of joy, sadness, nostalgia, and beauty. The sheer diversity means that this album not only warrants, but requires, additional listenings, each of which is an absolute joy thanks to the brilliant songwriting. Eidola has created something truly incredible with Degeneraterra– an album that will satisfy both the mind and the heart many times over." - Heavy Blog Is Heavy "There is so much in this album that I could write a graduate level thesis on it. Just know that if you have any, any, interest in metal/prog rock/post-core/music in general, check these guys out. If they are not huge in the next couple years, then I will finally concede that I know nothing about music." - NanoBot Rock
Progressive Death Metal/Post Metal from Long Island, NY.